Access, Fees and Info

Access to BioVis

All users must have received an introduction by a BioVis staff member on the instrument they want to use before they start working. Users are not allowed to give each other the initial introduction.  Make sure you have a valid access card if you want to work outside office hours and information about door codes and alarms to enter the BioVis facility. An access card can be obtained from BioVis, the access card is personal and must not be lent to a colleague.  

Please contact for more details regarding access cards. Observe that your cards will be valid for one year in total.

Approved users have access to the facility 24 hours a day 7 days a week. However after 17:00, and during weekends, access is restricted to experienced users who are familiar with the instruments and can preform some trouble shooting themselves.

BioVis may be closed for all users during shorter periods, during Christmas and new year and the summer. This will always be announced at least two months in advance giving you plenty of time to plan your experiments accordingly. 

Always report all instrument problems directly to BioVis staff and make a note in the logbook every time you have used an instrument.

Always bring the consumables you will need to perform your analysis, like cell-strainers, tubes, glass slides and cover slips etc. They are not included in the fee.

Check the booking system before you leave the instrument, to see whether you are the last user of the day or not. The last user is responsible for turning off the instrument. If in doubt, call the next user or contact us. Having the instrument "ON" overnight will result a penalty fee (3000 SEK) for the responsible user.

Collaborations and Acknowledgements

In general BioVis staff cannot be engaged in scientific collaborations projects as it would interfere with the aim of the BioVis facility. We are here to help you get started with the planning, execution and the analysis of your data.

BioVis greatly appreciates acknowledgements in publications and presentations, where data or images from our facility are included. Any acknowledgement or feed-back is important for the BioVis Facility, both for internal documentation and for publicity. Please send a copy of the publication to

example:The BioVis platform of Uppsala University was used to conduct experiments using “technique /Instrument”, supported by “Staff name “and staff.


For more information concerning EM service, click here

The numbers below are in SEK / booked hour or course

Service and consultation

BioVis staff is on site and available for questions 09:00 – 16:00.


Use the Seshat booking system to book and cancel an instrument, do not book more time than you need. Reservations must be made for the whole duration the system is in use, this includes start-up, cleaning and shut down. Always add your phone number when you book in Seshat, so that other users can get hold of you. Uppsala university users can log in with their AKKA account, but users outside Uppsala University must contact BioVis for an account. Do not let anybody else book in your name. Please inform the next user if you cannot make it to a booked time slot, their name and contact information can be found in Seshat by clicking the i-symbol. It is possible to cancel your booking in Seshat up to 24 h prior to start. You will be charged according to how many hours you book.

Please read our detailed tutorial and guideline about booking in Seshat, here.


All work involving biosafety class 2 organisms on BioVis instruments must be performed according to Uppsala University regulations. You are obliged to inform us about any potential hazards.
The use of lentiviral vectors has been increasing because they allow highly efficient gene delivery in a wide variety of cell types. Samples of lentivirus-transduced cells pose a higher degree of hazard than other samples submitted for analysis.

Please read more about how to handle and transport your biologically hazardous samples according to BioVis and Uppsala University Biosafety regulations.

Data storage

We cannot be held responsible for the misuse, loss and manipulation of data stored on our computers. You are allowed to store data temporarily on our computers.  Please always transfer your data to a trusted storage medium. Details on how to handle your data will be found on the instrument computer desktop. We export all stored data from instrument computers on a regular basis. We will always inform our users before this happens. Our data share computer is a public computer, all BioVis users will have access to your data there.

Last modified: 2023-06-09