Full service and collaboration projects at BioVis

RetinaMost of our microscopes and flow cytometers are user operated and the intention is that users after an introduction will be able to do the work themselves.
If time permits the BioVis staff can take on full service projects, please contact us for more information. This applies mainly to projects that require method development.
The BioVis staff is here to help you, do not hesitate to ask us. If you think you will need our full attention the first couple of times you use our equipment please make an appointment with us first.

For our Electron Microscopy customers, full service is standard. Depending on the project it can also include sample preparation.

Cell sorting is currently also mostly full service. We are in the process of acquiring a simple sorted that will be used operated. 

Software for analysis

BioVis can offer you access to the following softwares: FACSDiva version 8.0, Amnis IDEAS, Kaluza, CytExpert, Cell Profiler, Image J, Imaris, Hyugens, Zeiss-Zen.

Access to the analysis computers is currently free of charge but requires booking. 

BioVis collaborates with the Centre for Image Analysis, www.cb.uu.se. If there are image analysis related questions that we cannot solve for you we will contact the Centre for Image Analysis.   

BioVis mailing list

If you subscribe to our mailing list you will get information, news and updates from BioVis. If you are not getting mails from BioVis go to https://lists.uu.se/sympa and subscribe to igpbiovisinfo@lists.uu.se. For users outside Uppsala University contact dirk.pacholsky@igp.uu.se and ask to be added to the mailing list.