Flow Cytometry at Biovis

Flow cytometry is a technology that simultaneously measures and then analyses multiple physical characteristics of single particles, usually cells, as they flow in a fluid stream through a beam of light. The properties measured include a particle’s relative size, relative granularity or internal complexity, and relative fluorescence intensity. These characteristics are determined using a system that records how the cell or particle scatters laser light and emits fluorescence. Any suspended particle or cell from 0.5–60 micrometers in size is suitable for analysis. Cells from solid tissue must be disaggregated before analysis. At BioVis we can offer traditional analytical flow cytometry as well as cell sorting and image based flow cytometry. We have experience with a wide range of samples and applications. Book a flow Cytometer

Workstation & SpectraViewer

To analyze your sample in detail we can provide Workstations where the following softwares are installed: DiVa, Kaluza, Modfit, IDEAS. Workstations are bookable via Seshat. The Spectraviewer will help you to understand your panel  BD,  Thermofischer, BioLegend. Before designing a color panel for your Flow Cytometry experiments make sure that it will fit the optical configurations available at BioVis instruments. Optical configurations are found below.

BD LSR Fortessa

The BD LSR Fortessa is equipped with 5 lasers (355, 405, 488, 561,640 nm). It allows detection of up to 18 parameters simultaneously, 16 fluorescent channels plus forward and side scatter. See configuration. For more information about the LSR Fortessa please visit the Becton Dickinson website or contact dirk.pacholsky@igp.uu.se

FACS Diva quick guide

Beckman Coulter - CytoFlex S & LX

The Cytoflex S has four lasers (405, 488, 561, 633 nm), the Cytoflex LX has 5 Lasers with the 355nm being the 5th laser. Both instruments are equipped with a 96 well plate reader. The LX can also handle deep well plates.The Optical conficgurations for the cytoflex S & LX can be downloaded here

BioVis gratefully acknowledges the financial support from SciLifeLab and MedFarm which allowed the purchase of the Cytoflex LX.

For more information regarding the Cytoflex instruments contact dirk.pacholsky@igp.uu.se or visit the Beckman Coulter website. Our manuals:  Cytoflex Biovis manual or Cytoflex quick start

Cell sorting

Cell sorting by Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) can be done to select specific subpopulations of cells, to purify populations or to enrich or deplete for a specific cellular subset. Once collected, the cells can be analysed microscopically, biochemically, or functionally. We can help you to sort single cells for downstream analysis like for example transcriptomics and sequencing.


BD FACSAria IIIThe BD FACSariaIII (FACS - Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting) is a flow cytometer and cell sorter equipped with 4 lasers (405, 488, 561, 633 nm). The cytometer can detect 12 parameters simultaneously, 10 colours plus forward scatter and side scatter. It allows you to sort up to four different populations simultaneously or single cells into for example 96- or 384-well plates. Cell sorting is usually a full service option only meaning that BioVis staff will do the actual sorting for you. For more information and requests for sorting please contact  dirk.pacholsky@igp.uu.se. Learn more about the FACSaria III and download the configuration for the instrument.

BC Cytoflex SRT

The BC Cytoflex SRT is a cell sorter  that can be used independently by experienced users. The cell sorter is equipped with 4 lasers (405, 488, 561, 633 nm) and can detect up to 14 fluorescent parameters plus forward and side scatter (see Optical Configuration) The Sorter allows for sorting of up to four populations into tubes, or plates (6,24,48,96, 384). Learn more about handling the instrument by using this Manual. For more information contact dirk.pacholsky@igp.uu.se.

BioVis gratefully acknowledges the financial support from SciLifLab and MedFarm, which has allowed the purchase of the Cytoflex SRT.

Last modified: 2023-11-27