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Biological Visualization - Microscopy, Flow Cytometery, Electron Microscopy and Image Analysis


Biological Visualisation

The BioVis platform provides you with a unique combination of technology and know-how for visualization of biological samples at the tissue, cell and subcellular level. We specialise in microscopy, electron microscopy, flow cytometry and image analysis. We can offer state of the art electron- confocal and light microscopy, as well as analytical and imaging flow cytometry and cell sorting.

The Medical and Pharmaceutical faculty at Uppsala University supports BioVis financially, thus the user fees can be kept low. The platform is available for all universities, governmental agencies and private companies. With proper training, provided by us, you can get almost complete access to the equipment at BioVis.

NEWS Autumn 2018

Welcome back to work. Autumn is on it´s way and will arrive with some positive changes for BioVis, Uppsala University´s Platform for Microscopy, Flow Cytometry and Image Anlaysis.

Flow Cytometry

Good news here:

Flow Cytometer BC “Cytoflex” is upgraded with a 96 well plate reader so you can have your multiple samples in a 96 well. We will include introduction to it in our intro-course schedule.

Our BD Cell Sorter “Melody” will soon be equipped with a 561nm Laser for all of you interested in sorting GFP(YFP)/RFP. For that purpose the 405 nm Laser will be taken away. The change will happen in October.


Methods for Cell Analysis

The course Methods for Cell Analysis has been organised by BioVis since 2007. It is aimed at postgraduate students, post-docs and research engineers who wants to learn more about Light Microscopy, Flow Cytometry and Electron Microscopy. The course is based on a lecture series and practical hands on sessions. Lectures will cover e.g. theory of fluorescence, its application in various light microscopy techniques as well as flow cytometry and image analysis. Electron microscopy and latest technical achievements like super resolution - and lightsheet microscopy are covered as well. The practical hands-on sessions include resources found at BioVis like laser scanning and two photon microscopy, lightsheet microscopy, flow cytometry and cell sorting, image based flow cytometry and image analysis with Cell Profiler and IMARIS.

Methods for Cell Analysis (MCA) Autumn: October 10 -19

Apply by contacting

For more information please contact and see a schedule example from the previous year MCA. 

Other monthly courses and trainings:

We start again our monthly Introduction course for our instruments. So if you wish to work on our instruments – apply!

You are interested to get started in using Image J? Next date for you to mark is September 17.

More information about the aforementioned courses can be found here:


We would like to remind you about the possibility to use our LSM700 as a Live Cell Imaging Microscope – contact!

You are working with zebrafish or would like to visualize a rather large sample from different angles -  the Lightsheet Microscope is up and running and awaits your samples as well –!


Help us to spread the information that BioVis is available with its service for Uppsala University and beyond. You can download our Brochure here: BioVis Brochure.

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